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I.Employment Concept
Responsibility is the first standard for the enterprise in recruitment and employment. Responsibility decides the use of one person, the future of one person. If a person has not strong responsibility, he will not do well in his job even if he has powerful ability, profound knowledge; if a person has very strong responsibility but weak ability, he will probably do well in his job because he can improve his ability and increase his knowledge. If a person with strong responsibility does not complete his task, big problem will not occur; a person with bad responsibility will probably make a big mistake to cause big loss. 
II.The concept of the Group
All will be on the basis of market demands and customer requirements to improve product quality and service quality. The requirements of customers are the benefits of the enterprise. Only improving quality of products and services to attract orders can get acceptance of the market, and fully improve the brand value and benefits. We should meet requirements of customers by personalized products and services, so as to lay a firm foundation for Jingye to realize branding and internationalization.
III.We should fully exert the working style of “Jingye people shall always keep fighting and be able to go out” to thoroughly reform and strive for contribution, without fear of difficulties and danger, and we should fully do our best to take effective measures to accomplish the task of improving efficiency and reducing cost. 
IV.The company which wants to give sense of safety to employees will be destroyed, for any strong one will loosen his nature of wolf in the environment without obstacle, difficulty and risk. The company must change the employees into wolves; otherwise the company will be killed by wolves. 
The company which does not give the sense of safety to employees actually give employees the true sense of safety, for the company forces them to grow to become powerful, to give them ability to possess their future.