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Company Profile
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Address: Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, South Austin town dedicated industrial park

Company Profile

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Brief Introduction of the Company
Hebei Jingye Additive Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., affiliated to Jingye Group, is the only whole-process additive manufacturing company that specializes in R&D, production, and sales of high-end gas atomized spherical metal powders ,laser remanufacturing,3D printing service.
Founded in 2015 with a total investment of RMB 2.3 billion,the company is located in the Jingye Group Industrial Park, Nandian Town, Pingshan County,Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province. The company has established a number of intelligent manufacturing lines for raw material (metal powder) production to laser remanufacturing,and production of 3D printing products and powder tool and die steel.
With the complete internationally-advanced manufacturing process of fine metal powder, and 200kgs and 500kgs vacuum inert atomization furnace equipment, the company has strong development capability for new alloy powder. The gas atomized metal powder produced by the company has the characteristics of high sphericity, low oxygen content, good fluidity and high purity. Meanwhile, the particle size distribution can be customized as required. Our powders can meet the demand in various areas such as powder mold steel products, laser cladding, 3D printed metal products, metal injection molding and thermal spraying. In 2017, the company introduced the first industrial-grade high-speed laser cladding equipment, which was mainly used for the repairing of hydraulic column and the replacing of shaft-parts-electroplating. Currently, the company has one set of robotic cladding equipment, one set of laser-enhanced equipment, one set of 10 kw laser cladding equipment, one set of in-hole repair equipment and 2 sets of high-speed cladding equipment. Meanwhile, the 3D printing center has been established, and furnished with 8 sets printers of EOS bought by the company, among which M400-4 is the first one in the domestic. Furthermore the company also bought one Arcam electron beam powder rapid prototyping system and one Bright S310 for generate 3D printing center integrating R&D, printing, and mass production. 
The company insists on innovation-oriented business philosophy regarding brand as the soul. All the employees are sincerely united to make the company become the best in the same industry and a world-renowned modern technology innovation enterprise.