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Address: Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, South Austin town dedicated industrial park


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Six advantages of Additive Manufacturing Company
1.Professional teams, independently researched and developed technologies
The Company cooperates with the team of academician Chen Yunbo of General Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering to establish many intelligent manufacturing production lines realizing domestication of metal powder used for additive manufacturing, and powder tool and mould steel, so as to fully replace imported products. 
2.First-class device and modernized production line
The company has the most advanced production equipment in the world: M290 type metal 3D printers produced by German EOS;
LDF4000 - 100 VGP semiconductors optical fiber coupled laser imported from Germany Laserline; and KUKA mobile robot system etc.
3. High-performance 3D printing metal powder materials
The gas atomized metal powder produced by the company has features such as high degree of sphericity, low oxygen content, good liquidity, high purity, and normal distribution of powder particle size etc. In addition to meeting the requirements for 3D printing metal products, the product also can be widely used in high-end powder fields of all industries such as powder tool and mould steel products, laser cladding, powder metal injection molding, thermal spraying etc.
4. Additive Manufacturing Technology (3D Printing) Technology Development Center
3D printing has advantages such as rapid molding, easiness for processing complex shape parts, manufacturing of personalized and customized products etc. so as to solve the forming problem of manufacturing of difficult processing materials into complex structure parts.
5. Laser cladding technology reproduction manufacturing line
Using laser cladding technology can significantly improve the properties of components on the basic layer surface, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistant, heat resistance, oxidation resistance and electrical performance etc. In addition, laser cladding can realize local precision machining and rapid prototyping.
6. Advanced forming products of high performance powder (powder tools and mould steel etc.)
Hot isostatic pressing products have high density, good uniformity and excellent performance. The technology has features such as short production cycle, few processes, low energy consumption, low material breakage etc, which can be widely used in high-tech fields such as the production of powder tool and mould steel, the strengthening of the 3D printing parts, alloy densification, near net shape forming of large and special shaped components etc.