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Address: Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, South Austin town dedicated industrial park

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Laser cladding parts

ProfileofAdditiveManufacturing EeasyoperationFastprocessingefficiencySmallfloorareaThelasercladdingprojectwasputintoproductioninApril 2017withatotalof5setsofequipmentatpresent.Wherein,theultrahighspee
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Profile of Additive Manufacturing 

Eeasy operation

Fast processing efficiency

Small floor area

The laser cladding project was put into production in April 2017 with a total of 5 sets of equipment at present. Wherein,the ultra high speed laser cladding device is developed and produced by Germany via using semiconductor high precision laser with the maximum processing speed reaching 200 m/min. Its processing efficiency is more than 3 times than that of 10000 watts cladding equipment. The enclosed processing space of the equipment is based on professional control system of CNC numerical control programming. The revolution speed of the drive shaft of the servo motor is 2000 r/min. It has features such as easy operation, fast processing efficiency and small floor area etc. Second, the adoption of TruDisk 4002 disc type laser of the robot laser cladding equipment is self-developed product produced by the world's leading German TRUMPF Company. Matched with Robot Group with six axis of German KUKA, it can choose iron-based, nickel-based and cobalt-based powder according to the required performances of the repaired spare parts. It has many characteristics, such as high repairing precision and wide range etc. Multifunctional cladding equipment is the German imported equipment,which can repair the axial walls with diameter more than 55mm. The unilateral repair depth is 1.5 m.

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